Watercolored Die cuts…extend the use of your die cuts

Watercolored die cuts make for amazing effect and oh so easy to to do.

Happy Saturday morning all!  I hope your weekend is off to a good start.

Dang I thought I was organized, but going through my video files, I realized I had this card and subsequent video just laying around collecting some dust!  I love me some watercolors but I don’t always want to do the entire card front or background.  This particular die (and other similar types of dies) are perfect for showing off just a portion of watercoloring.

watercolored die cuts

And blue and purple is one of my fav color combinations.  This die is from Memory Box and is called Butterfly Heart. The butterflies in this particular die cut so that they remain in the paper which I think makes for an awesome effect.

watercolored die cuts

By tracing around the die and then do a wet to wet technique, I was able to keep the watercolors within the heart shape of the die.  Tip:  when adhering the panel to the cardbase/layers do not apply adhesive to the butterflies or you won’t be able to release them on the front side!  Hmmm wonder how I know this?


You can see how pretty those wings are when they are folded up.  Below is a short video to walk you through the making of this card.  I promise the technique is super easy.

Watercolor and die cut from Shelby Thomas on Vimeo.

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