Water coloring class with Copics

Let’s get busy with our water coloring class using Copics.

Good morning all!  I hope your week has been going well and getting in some creative time.

It’s been a good kind of crazy, busy around here.  Classes, classes and some more classes and getting ready to roll out some new card and coloring classes at tomorrow’s Open House.  A big shout out to all the students over the last couple of months.  Y’all have been fantastic and your work has been amazing.  I have just a couple of pictures to show some of the techniques/projects they worked on recently.

water coloring class

A few years back, I used to create “digital” images from the students’ photos as part of their workshop series using Photoshop.  It was limiting for the students who weren’t computer savvy or didn’t want to learn photo editing programs, so voila another class where a simpler method was used to allow them to use their photos as a reference to expand their coloring skills.  They did an amazing job and kudos to them for working through their initial frustrations and challenges and created some awesome realistic coloring.

Cocktails and Craft Class

One of the classes enjoyed by everyone, including my friends who won’t step foot in the LSS and can’t stand crafting, is the Cocktails and Crafts class.  I say everyone’s projects look a little better with a drink in their hand and their bellies full from dinner!  The last project they created were coasters using tiles and Copics.  Everyone loved the tiles since they didn’t have to worry about that “blending” and “flicking” crap.  We “travel” to different places for each class and this time we traveled to Italy (awesome spaghetti and meatball dinner with too much wine! Did I mention the desserts?)


Front side of the tiles colored with Copic markers and refills


Backside showing cork used to created the coaster.

A big thank you to all of the students who make teaching so much fun and rewarding and at the same time challenge me to improve not only my own skill sets but to continually expand my creativity!!  Hopefully I’ll see many of you tomorrow evening:)

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