Copic Markers color up the gorgeous Olive and Oak from Power Poppy Stamps.

Copic markers have invaded my crafting space again.  I love when they hop down out of their holders and scream at me to use them.  They are far and away my favorite medium though I admit, they have been neglected recently.  I finally sat down at the computer and decided I needed to learn more photoshop skills when using digital stamps.  Shadows around the image…done with the computer program!


This digital stamp is called Olive and Oak.  I will learn how to use technology to my advantage.  If it saves me time, I’m in!  I’ve colored it up with Copics and used colored pencils for the finer details and shading.  Don’t be afraid to mix up your coloring mediums.  Understand the properties of each medium and how they work best with each other.


Stark highlights come through well in several ways.  Leave the paper as white or use another medium (such as paint or colored pencil) are ways to create stronger highlights. Experiment with different ways of doing things and you never know what you can discover.

Want to learn to color with Copic markers?  Check out my Class Calendar and see what classes are on the horizon.

Thanks for stopping by and hope your weekend is wonderful.  Find time to get in your arty/crafty space and create what makes you happy.

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