Rust Technique with Copic markers

 I hope you’re having a lazy Sunday and finding some crafty time.  I decided I needed to get a new fitbit since I hadn’t bothered to wear my older one in a gazillion years since it didn’t have a display showing what I had done for the day.  You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t walking all day and night and getting in steps etc.  This damn thing must be broken!!  I look at the display after a long day of crafting and say Are you kidding me?  Did this thing not record all the times I forgot something in the middle of a project and had to walk to the next room to get it? Or hey, what about the times to refill the water spritzer (note to self must get a larger bottle for refilling)?  Whatever fitbit, crafting can be hard work.  On a positive, my heart rate immediately drops when I remove myself from the fighting teenage girls and lock myself away to color or paint or get messy!!

So onto the real reason for posting

rust technique

I had colored up this stamp from Stampendous a while ago while I was working on some rust combinations.  This size of this car was perfect for creating rust and playing with multiple Copic color combinations to see which one looked most realistic.  I also practiced some landscape perspective with detail and color to try and get it to look a more realistic.

That’s it for today!  Enjoy the remaining portion of your weekend

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