Wood coasters getting all gussied up with Mixed media craziness

It’s a Friday it’s a Friday!!

One of my darling daughters turns 13 today…oh yeah 2 teenage girls:)  She’s so excited to finally be a teenager because we all know there is a huge difference between a 12 yo and a 13 yo…ha.  All the kids get to pick where they want to go for their birthday dinners, and I was all excited (like it’s my birthday or something) to get to have a great burger and drink tonight at Red Robin’s.  This particular child has picked RR for the last 8 years so I thought I was good to go.  Then she drops a bomb on me this morning, “I’d like to go to Golden Corral”.  WTH%$#@ of course I don’t say this, but any of my close friends know I really really really do not like buffets.  I wanted to say how the hell do you know about this place since I make sure to change the channel anytime a commercial comes on and when driving by (which is not often because I hate the traffic flow in that part of town), I divert your  attention by talking randomly.  But the good mom in me says, oh that’s a choice, you sure you don’t want to do RR?  Nope.  Ok then, the buffet it is. I will miss you tonight RR!

Well onto the reason for today’s post…some actual craft work.  I have been making coasters for eons, and I’ve always used the tiles from Home Depot with alcohol inks and stamps.  But alas, I was in my LSS and Claudine, the rock star, showed me pictures of mixed media coasters she had done…swoon.  I asked if they were tile…nope wood.  And lo and behold the LSS carries them.  Off to my craft room I went to put my own little spin on things.

wood coasters 4

I’m in love with these unfinished wood coasters.  Perfect sized canvas and a functional end result.

wood coasters 1

In all  the coasters I used primarily the same color palette (purple, white, payne’s grey, teal, green and purple translucent shimmer thingy paint) and just did a little mixing of the Deco Art paints and changed up the focal color.  This coaster uses some stamps from the Totally Tracy line at Dare 2B Artsy.  I used Thanks, Be Always Blooming and Tracy’s Textures.

wood coasters 2

This one used some MFT coffee themed stamps and some more of the Tracy’s Textures.

wood coasters 3

This one used a Whimsy Stamps coffee themed set.

A few things to keep in mind…Stazon is the best ink for stamping on non-porous surfaces, and you’ll need a protective coating on the coaster if you’re actually going to use it as a coaster.  I typically use acrylic spray when working on tiles, but I wanted to try something different.  I used the DecoArt satin varnish as the finish, but I don’t know yet how it will hold up. I’m giving these to my non-crafty friend who will tell me if she thinks they are crap and not worth it!!  Just a learning lesson, the Ranger pigment ink Fude pen does not like to be painted over top (the varnish part) and will react a lot!  I think it if the satin varnish holds up, in the future I’ll use the spray acrylic to seal the ink and then finish with the varnish.

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Well that’s it for me today.  I need to go prepare myself mentally for dinner!  Hope everyone has a great weekend.


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