Intricate cutting dies are the surest way for a crafter to go insane!

How many of us have spent a gazillion dollars on beautiful and intricate cutting dies?  Ever try to release the paper from one of these?  How many of you have torn and ripped paper just trying to get the paper out?  And now you’ve sworn off using and or ever buying these types of dies again?  I raise my hand to all of it.  In addition, I’ve probably chucked a few against the wall a time or two!

Now onto the better news.  The video below saves your sanity and allosw you to fall in love with your intricate cutting dies again.  I use 3 different techniques/methods to make the release of the paper easier.  I hope one of the methods below saves your sanity.  This is an older video, but I use these methods still today.

Thank you to a You Tuber who reminded me of this video and of its value.  A blog post all its own may help at least one more person from giving up on their love of beautiful and intricate cutting dies on the market today!  If you have any questions or comments, please leave below.

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