Hidden Lane watercolored

New Penny Black stamp Hidden Lane is watercolored with zig clean color markers

It’s Friday, it’s Friday!!  Whoohoo.  I hope everyone’s week has gone well and you’ve been able to get into your crafty space!  When I was going through my dehoarding process, of course I got distracted (can anyone say squirrel?!), and in the midst of all of that mess decided I need to improve my Brusho watercolor skills.  Because yes, I cannot stay on track and yes, shiny things and baubles always catch my eye:)!!

Anyhoo, I purchased the Hidden Lane by Penny Black and it was the perfect size and type of stamp to get busy!

hidden lane watercolored

Brusho is a watercolor crystal and will react when they come in contact with water.  I stamped the image with Tea Dye Distress Ink so I could at least see the stamped image.  I used a brush to apply water to sections of the image at a time and then tapped in the Brushos and let them do their thing.

hidden lane watercolored

I futzed around with just bits and pieces while the crystals were still wet, but for the most part just let the crystals do their work.  I came in at the end with my Clean Color markers to add some stronger lines where I needed them and well because I’m not completely confident with my brush work yet!

hidden lane watercolored

Thanks for stopping in for a visit!  Have a great weekend.

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