Distress Inks and watercoloring.

Hello everyone! Who would rather play with distress inks than to hear or read about politics?  My hand is raised.  Thank goodness the election is over, and my mailbox as returned to it’s normal level of junk mail.  My phone is now able to take a break from surveys.  I  could avoid all of the aforementioned problems if I would register for one party or another. Then I think about it for a moment and say nah why start now.  It’s been 30 years since I registered to vote, picked unaffiliated and nothing over the years has swayed me:)

Now onto the fun stuff in life which involves creating with inanimate objects which do not talk. Well sometimes I think I hear them call my name, but they do not have opinions.


Distress ink Happy Birthday

This gorgeous stamp is from Penny Black called Passionate.  I’ve said it a gazillion times, but I absolutely love these style of stamps from Penny Black.  They are just perfect for creating watercolor looks for your cards.  And recipients have no idea how easy it is, so you end up looking like a rock star. Various Distress Ink pads and a little bit of water create this look.


Easy peasy distress ink

I distress inked the edges of the card as the whiteness of the paper was driving me nuts so I needed to tone it down.  I think the sentiment is from a Catherine Pooler set but don’t hold me to that!  If you want some easy peasy watercolor effect cards, check out the Penny Black stamps (and no I’m not on their design team, don’t work for them, just happen to adore their products)!

Love this style of card?  Check out my Class Calendar and see what might be brewing.

And the last thing for today…I was turned onto Thirty-one bags when I started teaching and kept seeing all of these cool bags in different styles and colors and thought I got to get me one or more of those.  Fast forward a couple of years and many many bags later, I thought heck I could spread the love of Thirty-one and combine it with my other love of crafting and teaching.  So, after much hemming and hawing and of course for those who know me, researching and then researching some more, I decided to take the leap and become and Independent Consultant for Thirty-one.  So if you’re looking for a consultant or have no idea what the heck Thirty-one is, check out my Thirty-one website .  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!



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