Decorative Painting and Home Decor Project

Good morning everyone and happy, happy Friday with Decorative painting!  I love the planning stage of a new class or party. Planning allows me to play with new ideas and to teach the class in my head.  Therefore, I get to find all of the hidden traps in the project before the class or party.  A couple of parties are coming up on the schedule. The hosts want decorative painting projects which may be used as home decor.  One host is a Colorado native and wants her party to reflect her roots.

Home sweet home Colorado

decorative paintingStart with a blank 14″L piece of birch wood. Next step is to apply white gesso to the raw wood.

The “O” in HOME is the shape of the state of Colorado.  I am very happy Colorado is a rectangular state.  Makes the painting process much easier. The state flag of Colorado is definitely the centerpiece of this project.  Most of the time of the project was used to ensure the lines were clean and straight and the “C” was to size.

decorative painting

Detailed work rocks!

Not everyone is a fan of picky detail work, however,  I love it.  Yes, it takes some time to get it just right.  However,  I found lots of shortcuts for the party attendees and ways to make it much easier.  Lots of dry brush techniques with various blues, grays and white acrylic paint completed the rest of the decorative home decor.

Decoart metallic rubs were used on the edges to give the appearance of age and a more rustic look.

decorative paintingThe backside of the wood project definitely bluer. A little tip…when experimenting with color or technique, use the backside of the piece.  Acrylic paint can cover up a lot of mistakes!

The host loves the project and is looking forward to sharing her love of Colorado with all of her friends.  I will definitely have them complete the flag portion before the Margaritas start flowing too freely!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit today.  If you’d like to gather your friends or family for a painting project whether it be canvas or wood or another medium, send me a message on the “contact” page.  I’d love to hear from you




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