Hello everyone!  We had another wonderful night of Intro to Copics.  I love watching people who’ve never picked up a Copic marker have their aha moment and by the end of class have a firm understanding of the markers and are able to blend beautifully and while beginning to understand light sourcing!  These are some pictures from last night’s class showing why I love what I do.  A big thank you to all of the students.

This student is learning to assess light source to properly coloring the petals on the flower.  She mastered the three color blend of the purple combination she chose!

Another intro student is also working on determining where to place the shadows, midtones and highlights in their Copic intro coloring class.

A masterpiece of candle is colored really well.  She has used proper light source and blending is looking very good.

The final step in the class is to take all of the previous learned segments and put them all together while using the appropriate light source!  This student is rocking the process

And remember, it’s just markers and paper and to have a little fun.  Learning something new is never as hard as the first time you try it…I promise the 2nd time you pick up a Copic marker and start coloring, it will be so much easier!! Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.  The more mistakes you make, the closer you are to getting it right.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, and I look forward to seeing a lot of you in tomorrow’s classes!!

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