Happy Monday to everyone! Saturday was another Copic day full of fruits (pictures not people!) and marine life with lots of and lots of coloring and some learning along the way.  A big thank you to all of the fabulous students.  You really did do an amazing job.  Now for the pictures…my New Year’s promise was to take more pictures of my awesome students and give them kudos and shout outs throughout the year.

Beautiful coloring combinations for the goldfish using the underlay and overlay techniques.  She is showing great ability to substitute the colors you had on hand for the colors shown in the tutorial.

The queen is finally sitting down to color instead of dancing in the aisles.

Someone is definitely getting the hanging of blending multiple colors of the Copic markers.

Beautiful combination of colors for the Angel fish with a little touch of green at the bottom makes it all pop

Blending, blending and more blending in action to create a realistic looking Angel fish.  Your focus on the task at hand is amazing!!

Students work on creating high levels of reflection and shine on their images.  Someone in the background is hiding her amazing collection of Copic markers!

Your coloring is looking perfectly realistic and the color combinations you chose are spot on.  I love how you are matching up the colors in the image to the perfect choice of copic markers.

Wowzer…look at how well you did with creating the shine in the slice of the watermelon, and you rocked it

Did they all do an amazing job or what?!!  I am proud of all of them, and they stuck with me for the entire day and created some amazing pieces of Copic coloring masterpieces.

I look forward to Friday (1-20-16) when we get busy with Skies! Call 719-528-1338 to register

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