Coloring Class

Good morning everyone! We had a fabulous and challenging class last week focusing on coloring various types of skies.  A variety of of new techniques was the name of the game.  However, even though the techniques were a challenge, the students were amazing.


Copic collection almost as amazing as the coloring!

Don’t you just love the gorgeous collection of Copics?  But even better is how well she did coloring a complex sky…especially given that it was her first attempted!  She stuck with it and completed it and it looks wonderful

Work those layers of color

Building up layers of colors can be one of the most challenging aspects of Copic work (or any kind of art).  It is hard to see the possible end result when the colors don’t appear as though they work together.  Way to stay with it!

1st time coloring skies!

Hard to believe this was the first time for this particular style of coloring!

Practice makes perfect and perfect practice makes it even better.  Well that’s what my coach dad would always say.  I say the more the Copics are in your hand and the more you work with them, the easier it becomes.  Once you work through the initial frustrations and fear of trying something new and perhaps difficult, the more accomplished of a colorist you become.  And my other favorite saying as I teach is…it’s just paper and markers! And my work looks good because I get to throw away all of my practice attempts and selectively show the students only what I want you to see:)

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