Caran D’ache Neocolors

Caran D’ache Neocolors II crayons on tap for today’s coloring.

Whoohoo the LSS got in some of the fabulous Caran D’ache Neocolor II crayons.  I’m trying to uphold my promise to myself to continually try different mediums and make myself uncomfortable learning something new!

First thing, these would not be the best choice for a small detailed image/stamp.  The crayon is too wide to lay down the colors where I wanted them, but granted I could’ve used them as a watercolor for the small images. I used a digital image from Make it Crafty called Tree on a Hill and enlarged it to fit on a full 8.5 x 11″ watercolor paper.

caran d'ache neocolors

The sky was done more similar to a watercolor wash and then added in additional deeper colors .  This picture shows how I laid down the greens for the tree before adding water.  These crayons cover so beautifully that you can work without adding water to blend.  I may have picked different colors if I had experience knowing how the colors would blend when wet, but hey, that’s what learning is all about!

caran d'ache neocolors

Water added to right side

The right side of the tree has received some water and blending.  Word of caution, the dark colors will over take everything if you drag from dark to light to blend.  I activated the dark and pulled it a little bit out, rinsed off brush and the blended the lighter colors into the darker color.  I wanted to see if Copics were compatible over top of these crayons…well, it did pick up some of the color onto the nib but it wasn’t so much I had a heart attack.  In the future, I’ll use my Copics to add in just touches of color over top.  Of course, the Copics were perfectly fine when laid down first and then the crayon color over top since Copics are activated with alcohol and the crayons are activated with water.

caran d'ache neocolors

I blended all of the greens in this photo and you can see a better understanding of the color palette may have resulted in a more realistic tree.  Also, I was playing around figuring out which type of brush would work best and what strokes gave me the results I was looking for.  I ended up liking a stiffer synthetic angled flat brush to “scrub” the pigment to activate and to move the pigments more accurately.

caran d'ache neocolors

All done!  It was fun to play with these crayons and I look forward to attempting more work with them.  I think so far the best part of these crayons if I’m not using a lot of water, I don’t have to use watercolor paper and the heavy white cardstock works beautifully.  Thanks for stopping by today and hope the rest of your evening is wonderful.