Canvas painting on a Wednesday afternoon!

Hello everyone.  I spent the afternoon prepping for this weekend’s painting party.  Class prep is a lot of fun, but my most favorite part is the creation of the artwork.  I work through the canvas before I teach in order to identify any spots that may be difficult for class participants.  And because I like to play with artsy materials…what a great excuse huh?!

Design for upcoming painting party
Canvas painting starfish

Chillin’ starfish

Isn’t this the most relaxing scene?  The women, from the Rocky Mountain Women’s Ministry, chose this canvas for their canvas painting party.  The Social Artworking program from DecoArts makes canvas painting fun and easy.  Classes include step-by step directions with pictures.  In addition, paint colors, suggested brushes and estimated length of time for completion make for an easy and fun painting class.  Class time varies based on chosen design and level of design difficulty. Parties include everything needed for completion of the painting.

Up close picture of starfish

The picture above shows the starfish up close and in addition, the depth and layers of colors are visible.  The painting uses only 6 different colors, but when they are mixed in different amounts, lots of new colors are born. I look forward to meeting the 30 women this weekend and watching them create their own beautiful canvases!

Interested in hosting your own fabulous painting party?  Give me a shout, I’d love to hook you up!


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