Canvas Painting Aspens

Canvas Painting Aspens was on tap today.
Happy Sunday morning!  It’s another gorgeous sunny day in Colorado, and I’m almost all the way caught up on my “work”.
My goal this year is to spend more time exploring other art mediums and setting aside my “teacher’s” hat and the medium I’m most comfortable with and get a broad range of knowledge. Oh and to also post on my blog no matter how yucky I may think the work turned out:)
canvas painting aspens
This painting doesn’t exactly count as a “class” in the traditional sense.  My girlfriend and I ditched the kids for an afternoon and went to the studio Painting with a Twist.  The image for the class was predetermined, but of course I didn’t exactly follow directions as the class was more like paint by numbers with a drink in your hand:)  It was a lot of fun to play with acrylics and I’ll do another one of these classes but not for a while because I’m surely not going to hang this in my house and it’s way to big to put on a card!

Pan Pastel Class

Now yesterday was a true experience of being absolutely and completely clueless!  It was a 6 hr PanPastel class.  I’ve never touched these things, never worked with sponges or the other tools…dang it was uncomfortable.  Oh and did I mention we had 7 colors to work with to create the colors for the art?  And toss in some papers other than white, I definitely was living outside of my comfort zone. I kept wanting to reach for blending groups!
panpastel class
 I can’t I’ll be say framing this and putting it on a wall any time soon.  But not too bad for the second attempt and just using a photo as a reference guide.  I couldn’t find my landscape picture which was the first piece I worked on.
Now don’t go running and screaming:) Keep in my mind, only 7 colors and done on cool gray paper and only a black pastel pencil for the details of the eyes!  It was definitely a day full of challenge, but also fun to be uncomfortable not knowing a darn thing…makes the learning process a little easier.
Thanks for stopping by today, and hope the rest of your weekend is fabulous.

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