Art classes in Autumn and Mixed Media fun

Hello all!

Art classes were in full swing on Saturday in Colorado Springs at Simple Pleasures Stamp and Scrapbooking store.  All of them did an amazing job and a lot of fun along the way.  I love love love when students put their own twist on a project and design something that is representative of them.  The pics below show just a few of the projects and what it looks like when students’ projects look better than the instructor’s (me)!!…

art classes

art classes 2

art classes 3

art classes 4

art classes 5

art classes 6

art classes 7

AWESOME! Didn’t they all do an amazing job.  So many different looking projects.  Each project represented what was right for the artist.  Now that is what I call creating.

If you’d like to join us in an upcoming class in Colorado Springs, check out my current class schedule to find the class that is just right for you!


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