Altered Picture frame and Mixed Media

It was an altered mixed media kind of day! I was in the process of cleaning up my disastrous work area after a couple of busy weeks.  And lo and behold I had a major squirrel moment.  Under a pile of crap, I found a boring wood picture frame.

I managed a layer of gesso when this item last appeared in my work space but nothing else. I had just bought some new DecoArt paints which of course were not put in their proper place and still in the bag when the squirrel struck!

altered mixed media

And this was the result.  I didn’t just stop with the paints, I had to try out a few more things.  Let’s see if the DecoArts crackle glaze really is self leveling.  Yes and no to that question.  Yes, if you brush on a relatively thick layer.  No, if you dump it and forgot to brush it out!  Tip:  The thicker the layer of crackle glaze, the larger the cracks.  Thinner layer results in smaller cracks.  And for best results, let the glaze air dry.

altered mixed media

Image shows the backing placed in the frame.

I love these large cracks. As I was waiting for the glaze to dry, I re-found some of my favorite stamps.  I discovered this company about 18 months ago and haven’t really had a chance to play with their gorgeous stamps.  The stamps are from Carabelle Studio which is a French company but they are widely available in the United States.  Check them out and see all of the wonderful style of stamps and stencils available.

altered mixed media

See some of the black stuff in the cracks?  Black antiquing creme from DecoArts.  Yep, I tried that stuff out too.  The creme sat on my shelf for about a year and never used.  I’m not sure if I would use black again with this color combination.  However, I’m one for making a gazillion mistakes before figuring out the right combination.

Altered mixed media

This is a shot of the backside of the picture frame and why I say I’m not sure if I would use black antiquing creme with the color combination.  Everything on the back was the same except the creme.  I like the bright color result better.

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