Shelby Thomas

Shelby Thomas

Independent artist/instructor

You can call me the “accidental” artist. I didn’t dream of being an artist or an art instructor or to be a hoarder of all things inks, paints, stamps, papers, brushes, markers or anything else found in an art store. But life’s journey is always twisting, changing and evolving and a new adventure or challenge is always right around the next bend.

I was a speech-language pathologist whose real job was Director of a lot of great people in a very large hospital. I decided one day (well actually over a few months ok longer than that), I would like to be a stay at home mother. Nothing, and I mean nothing, prepared me for the challenges of being a full-time stay at home mom. But the rewards have been just as wonderful as the challenges. In the “finding” of the new me amid raising 2 toddlers and a teenager, I discovered the love art and the process of creating.

I was content making a mess in a spare bedroom until someone local asked if I would be willing to teach a Copic marker class. What? I’m not an artist, I’m a stay at home mom who was a healthcare administrator. And thank you to the friend said who said get over yourself and just do it, you’re good enough. And thus, another twist and bend in my journey.

I believe there is an artist in every one of us. Some of us (myself included) have work harder and need to make lots of errors before we are satisfied with the outcome. Whereas, others have a God given talent and grace with art of which I admit, I’m jealous! Through my own personal creating adventures, I’ve developed classes and parties with the understanding of the fear of trying something new and the result not being exactly as expected or even wanted. Painting parties are a great atmosphere for trying a new skill surround with friends, family or colleagues. Classes, though sometimes challenging, give you a great new set of skills with the confidence to re-use the skills.

I’d love to meet you and your friends at a party or in class! Registered & Protected KKCE-TBVX-RS6L-9NOQ


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